Clicker Training for Calm Dog Behaviour

Dogs get excited when visitors come to the house and may bark or jump at them. This is normal dog behaviour, but is not how we would like our dog to behave. If we allow a dog to approach visitors in an aroused state, we are reinforcing the behaviour. Learn how to calm a dog and teach proper greeting manners using a clicker and a play pen.

    Training a Dog to be Calm
  1. Place the dog inside the play pen.
  2. Ask the visitor to ignore the dog.
  3. Do not look at, touch or talk to the dog.
  4. Ignore any barking or whining and wait for the dog to become calm.
  5. When the dog becomes calm, click and reward by throwing a small treat inside the play pen.
  6. Continue to ignore the dog, whist looking out for the dog sitting or lying down.
  7. Click and reward each time the dog remains calm, sits or lays down.
  8. When the dog is realxed, ask your visitor to approach the play pen and calmly greet the dog.
  9. If the dog remains calm, click and reward.
  10. If the dog is still excitable, ask the visitor to move away from the pen and sit down.
  11. Repeat steps 2 to 7, allowing a longer time for the dog to become calm.
  12. Use this procedure for all visitors and eventually the play pen will no longer be required.

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