Dogs require a lot of time, training and patience, so do make sure you can make a life long commitment to a dog before bringing one home. Learn which dog breeds are easily trained and suitable for first time dog owners.

guide on choosing a dog

Dog characteristics to consider

  1. Energetic requiring long walks or lazy in the house
  2. Stubborn and independent or easy-going and biddable
  3. Friendly or aloof with strangers and other dogs
  4. Playful or disinterested in toys and balls
  5. Patient and tolerant with young children
  6. Likely to chase cats and other pets
  7. Affectionate or independent

Dog Breeds for First Time Owners

Some breeds are stubborn and independent which can make them difficult to train. Large and boisterous breeds need careful handling and training and can knock over small children. The following dog breeds are generally known to be good natured and easily trained by someone with little or no experience as a dog owner:

Breed Characteristics Size
Bichon Frise Happy, friendly and affectionate dog that enjoys human company. 23 to 28 cm
Border Terrier Active, sensible and devoted dog, although not always good with small pets. 25 to 28 cm
Boston Terrier Playful, good natured dog that enjoys being with people. Usually good with other pets. 38 to 43cm
Dachshund Gentle, sweet natured and easy to exercise. Puppies and miniature Dachshunds may be injured by young children. 20 to 25cm
Flat Coated Retriever Large, happy, active and friendly. Calm in the house but needs a lot of exercise. 56 to 61cm
Golden Retriever Relaxed, confident and good natured dog. Enjoys long walks and likes to swim. 51 to 61cm
Labrador Happy, friendly, biddable dog. Needs long walks and active play sessions. Puppies can be boisterous and chew furniture if not exercised properly. 55 to 57cm
Papillon Intelligent, friendly and biddable. May be injured by small children. 20-28cm
Poodle Affectionate, calm, intelligent and biddable. Three varieties : Toy, Minitaure and Standard. Does not shed hair. 25 to 28cm
28 to 38cm
38 to 39cm