Response to Name

One of the first things a dog should learn is his name. Call the name to attract his attention. When the dog looks at you, say good boy in a happy and enthusiastic voice.

Quickly reward the dog with a food treat, fuss or a toy so that he learns to associate good things with responding to his name. Never use the dog's name to scold or shout at him.

Teach A Puppy to Sit

Learning to sit when asked is a good basic obedience command to teach your puppy.

Hold a food treat in front of the dog's face and slighly higher than his head to encourage a natural sitting position.

Once the dog will sit for the treat, you can then introduce the command word sit.

Recall Training

Lure your puppy with a treat, walk backwards and encourage him to follow you. Stop and give the puppy a treat.

Walk away and call the dog's name to get his attention. Use the recall command "come" as he moves towards you.

Practice with a friend or family member. Stand several feet apart and take it in turns calling the dog to you.