Create a Safe Play Area for Puppies

Keep your puppy safe when you cannot supervise by creating a confinment area. This can be done by sectioning off part of a room with a puppy gate or playpen. Thea area should inlcude the puppy's crate or bed for sleeping. A puppy pad should be placed away from the bed area so that the dog can relieve himself when left alone and you are not there to let him on the garden.

    Reasons for Creating a Puppy Confinement Area
  1. The puppy is kept secure when visitors arrive.
  2. Keeps the puppy away from the table at meal times.
  3. Teaches the puppy to wait and remain calm.
  4. Lets your puppy see you but not get to you.
  5. Separates two dogs for feeding and resting.
  6. Prepares a puppy to settle when separated from the owner.
  7. Prevents unsupervised play with children
  8. Allows the safe introduction of other animals.
  9. Keeps the puppy secure when doors are open.
  10. Keeps the puppy safe when tradesmen are working.

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